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I'm Calling "BS!" on the Gurus


I’m so sick of these gurus pimping crap that doesn’t work, and so now I’m throwing my hat into the ring as the decidedly un-guru.

I’m a happy family man with kids who are grown and in college, and I’ve provided a very high quality of life and taken care of all the important things thanks to my success in real estate investing.

But I can’t stand how so many honest, hard working people, just like you, who looking to make a decent living by investing in real estate, end up getting hosed by these gurus who are basically wolves in sheep’s clothing. They prey upon the inexperienced with fancy seminars, consulting, and other BS.

My goal is to give you plain and simple tools that anybody can use to make a sensible, smart, and most importantly, profitable decisions when it comes to your real estate deal making.

So if you don’t want to gamble your retirement on the far-fetched dream of owning a Lamborghini or flying in a private jet, but you do want to secure your future and be able to provide the life you want for those you love and leave behind the legacy they deserve, then you're in the right place.