Hassle-Free, Predictable, Profitable Real Estate Investing is NOT a Myth

20-Year Real Estate Investing Veteran Reveals His Secret Back-Pocket Weapon for Accumulating Massive Wealth in over 250 Deals


The Mistake Eliminator

The Easy-to-use Online Real Estate Deal Analysis Tool...

Accessible from Anywhere...Allowing Anyone to Calculate Accurate Deal ROI (and more) on the Fly


Become a more savvy investor and make smarter decisions.

Find the best deals, faster, with greater success and bigger profits!

Evaluate Deals with Precision

The Mistake Eliminator puts an end to guessing and back-of-the-napkin math that misses important details.

Zero in on the Numbers that Matter Most

The Mistake Eliminator highlights just right numbers, so you can maximize your ROI, Cash Flow and Profit.

Accessible from Anywhere

The online platform allows you to analyze deals from the comfort of home or right in front of a property that’s for sale.

Avoid Costly Investment Mistakes

One bad deal can put you in the poor house for years.  The Mistake Eliminator enables you to evaluate the risk before you buy!

The Mistake Eliminator

The Simplified and Strategic Tool...

That helps you find the deals that match your investment criteria

That does all the hard work for you

And gives you concrete evaluations

The Result?

No more emotional decisions based on your guts and glands that put everything you’ve worked so hard to earn at risk.

Senior couple using a laptop while sitting at home in the living room.

From the Desk of Chad Barker

Dear Fellow Investor,

It's possible to build massive wealth through real estate.  It can give you the lifestyle you dream of:  the home, the vacations the freedom...

...but only if you avoid the mistakes.

One mistake can erase years of hard work. One wrong move could dig a financial hole that could take you years, if not decades, to climb out of.

Without proper real estate deal analysis, you're just gambling and hoping, and you can't build long-term, lasting wealth on luck and hope.

The risk is breathtaking.  (And, honestly, it's the big thing that kept my wife from getting on board with me at the beginning.)

When I first got started in real estate 20 years ago, I couldn't afford to screw up (and I needed my wife's support), so I went looking for a tool to help me.  And do you know what I found?

Absolutely NOTHING.

Nothing did what I needed it to do:  evaluate deals like an expert, help me save time & money, and help me evaluate those deals quickly enough to beat my competition to the punch.

And it needed to be easy to use!

That's why I developed and continually refine the Mistake Eliminator.

Every deal I'm even remotely interested in goes through the Mistake Eliminator, giving me crystal clear insights into the key metrics that can make or break a deal.

You'll get those same insights when you start using the Mistake Eliminator today.

You'll get the peace of mind knowing that your finances, your family's future and everything you've worked so hard for are not dependent on gut-feel, inaccurate "back-of-the-napkin" math.

I know your success in real estate, all the dreams you have and the wealth that comes from that are waiting just around the corner for you.

But first, you have to avoid the errors that are easily preventable with the powerful, easy-to-use Mistake Eliminator.

My sincere wish is that your success dwarfs my own because you have the tool and the head start I didn't have when I got I started.

Yours in prosperity,


P.S. This Mistake Eliminator is the best tool I've found for unlocking the treasures and wealth in the real estate market.  Because I use this for every single deal I personally evaluate as an investor, you can use this tool with the confidence that it was developed to cater to my exceedingly high investing standards.  So rest assured it will work for you, or I'll give you back every single penny.

How it Works

Step 1

Create a Scenario for Your Deal

Just one click and give your next deal's scenario a name.

Step 2

Enter Your Deal's Numbers

Just enter purchase and rent/sale numbers you already have on hand

Step 3

Instantly See Your Results

See right away whether this deal is right for you or not.

Robust Features to Meet Your Investing Requirements

  • Fast!

    Analyze deals in only a few minutes each.

  • Easy to Use

    Logically organized and fully document.  Perfect for beginner or pro alike.

  • Cloud Powered

    Nothing to install.  Always updated.  And available anywhere with an internet connnection.

  • No Limits

    Analyze an unlimited number of deals in an unlimited number of scenarios (when you sign up today!)

  • Flexible

    Use it with any investment Profit Strategy

The Mistake Elimiinator Give You the Confidence You Need to "Own" Your Real Estate Market

  • End the FOMO

    Know when to pass on bad deals.  No more lying awake with the shoulda, coulda worries that you missed out.

  • Make the Deal Work for You

    Quickly and easily to make adjustments, to refine your offer and find the terms that work for you.

  • Done for you

    All the hard math is done for you.  Just enter a few numbers, and BAM!  Out pop the results.

  • No more "Napkin Math"

    The Mistake Eliminator leads you through each step to make sure you don't miss critical numbers

  • Saves You Time

    The speed and efficiency of the Mistake Eliminator will save you hours of time over trying to analyze deals by hand.

You'll be Out the Door Doing Deals Before Your Competition Can Lace Their Shoes!

  • Discover Hidden Gems

    Find the deals that you didn't think would work but the numbers tell you how really profitable they are.

  • End the Frustration

    No more indecision and lost opportunity by not knowing for sure whether the deal meets your investment criteria.

  • Avoid the Deadly Sins of Investing

    The Mistake Eliminator removes the deadly sin of Emotion, enabling you to make decisions based on hard numbers and facts.

  • Decisions on a Silver Platter

    Get simplified numbers that answer the question, "Does this deal meet my goals, my needs and my criteria?"

  • Confidence Restored

    Start making offers with confidence & certainty, knowing the deal meets your particular investment standards.

Explore the Mistake Eliminator!

Below is a Screenshot from a Recent Deal Evaluation

Simply hover or touch the targets to explore all that's in store for you...

Lite Screenshot - Cropped - Compressed

Easily step through a full purchase analysis with down payment and loan terms

Accurately calculate mortgage payments, making sure nothing is missed that could throw off your cash flow.

Know your cash investment at closing, so your ROI numbers are on point.

Full control of the overhead/turnover costs that impact your returns on your rental and rent-to-own deals.

Get annual and monthly cash flow numbers.  Compare the ROI to your criteria, and calculate the affect of appreciation on your investment.

Let the mistake eliminator calculate your tenant/buyer's monthly payment and interest rate.  

See the impact of their down payment on your ROI, and get your cash flow numbers handed to you on a silver platter

On your Fix & Flip deals, fully detail your rehab costs, so you don't miss anything.

Understand the impact of time on your project.  Let the Mistake Eliminator calculate your rehab financing and interest costs for you.

Analyze your sale with all costs accounted for and see what you'll walk away from closing with.

Get your ACTUAL net profit along with your ROI computed 2 different ways.  Then find out whether the deal is worth your time by getting your profit per hour invested.

Name your scenarios (come up with your own naming convention) and update them any time

All changes are automatically saved (or you can click the button if it makes you feel better) so you never lose your work.

Take copious notes.  Describe the property.  List your assumptions.  The possibilities are endless!

Sound too good to be true?

Here are the experiences of others who've realized the benefits of using the Mistake Eliminator:


“We bought this mediocre house in a mediocre neighborhood – not our first choice, but the numbers from Mistake Eliminator indicated it would be profitable.  It’s given us a 47% ROI each year!”

Mac B.

“The Mistake Eliminator has allowed me to find better deals. The results are showing up in unexpected ways, such as lower tenant turnover and higher occupancy.”

J. Mayer


“Using the Mistake Eliminator, I found one crappy little deal that I didn’t think would work, but it ended up putting $50,000 in my bank account.”

James C.


“Honestly, I’m a shoot from the hip guy.  I’m all about action and making the deal happen now.  But this tool has given me the reason to slow down and really check my numbers.  There was this one deal I was about to pull the trigger on, but the results from the Mistake Eliminator just about took my breath away.”

BCM, Freedom Properties


“The first 5 houses we purchased without the mistake eliminator barely broke even.  The next 3 houses we purchased with the mistake eliminator made 190% annualized ROI & put $266,200 in our pockets.

John M.

“As a Real Estate Broker for the past 25 years, this is the most user friendly and informative tool for investors who are interested in rentals.  My customers that are looking to flip homes with the best outcome will find the Mistake Eliminator the most important tool in their pocket!  Each tutorial is well illustrated with easy to follow directions."

Dianne W., Guardian Realty


“This Mistake Eliminator is the tool I used to go from nothing to 39 houses in less than 4 years.”


This tool was a lifesaver for me.  So far, I’ve had three deals that I was convinced were great deals, but after running them through the Mistake Eliminator, I was surprised (and a bit disappointed) that they were actually pretty bad deals.  I’m so glad I didn’t buy them.”

Bernard M.


“I’d thought about doing real estate for years, but I was afraid I’d screw up.  The Mistake Eliminator gave me the courage to make real offers.  On the first house I bought, I got a 168% return on my investment!”

Wayne W.


"There was this deal that I wasn't sure about, and even my Realtor didn't think I would buy it.  But I ran the numbers through the Mistake Eliminator anyway and ended up buying it. I rented it with great cash flow.  And later when I was ready to move on, I rehabbed it and sold it.  Total cash returned:  $115,640."


These experiences are exceptional results and not guaranteed or implied to be typical in any way.
Refer to the Earnings & Income Disclaimer at wealthignition.com

Money Back Drop Shadow

My Guarantee

I am so confident that you are going to love the Mistake Eliminator, and all it does to ignite your real estate investing career that I’m going to give you a full 60 days to try it out.

I know it will be an indispensable tool in you investing toolbelt.

But if for some strange reason you don’t absolutely LOVE it, I’ll refund your money,


You can keep all the bonuses!

Desktop with Scenario 1

You Get Everything You See on This Page For ...

Only $597 / month

Or get 2 months free with an annual subscription: Only $5,970 / year

When you Try the Mistake Eliminator Today...

What's the worst that could happen?

You purchase the Mistake Eliminator today

You analyze lots of deals & get amazing insights

But you HATE it!

What Happens?

You send us an email

You get all your money back

And you get to keep the bonuses!

In other words, you Win!

But here's the best thing that could happen...

You purchase the Mistake Eliminator today

You analyze lots of deals & get amazing insights

You find deals you didn't think would work

You avoid getting tangled up in bad deals

You gain confidence to move ahead on the best deals

You sleep like a baby at night knowing you're buying the best deals with the lowest risk and highest ROI

In other words, you WIN BIG!

Who Can Use the Mistake Eliminator?

9507424_handywomen-on-white-background - cropped - sm


See the effect of time on your returns.  Get your cash from closing as well as your profit and ROI.  See if this project is worth your time with an "equivalent wage" calculation.

26380446_happy-mixed-race-family - cropped-sm


Find your true cash flow.  See the impact of turnover and management costs.  Account for ongoing maintenance.  Get an estimated value years into future!

5663446_real-estate-agent-with-her-client - cropped-sm


Whether it's Lease/Option, Land Contract or other names, you'll get all the detailed terms you need to put on the tenent/buyer's contracts, along with your cash flow & ROI.

30832960_insurance-agency - cropped-sm

Contract Flippers

Add value and credibility by using the Mistake Eliminator to show your prospective contract buyers their potential gains regardless of their profit strategy. 

9867350_portrait-of-smiling-estate-agent - cropeed-sm

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents can use the Mistake Eliminator to provide deal analysis to your investor buyers.  This value-add service puts you head & shoulders above your competition.

21714730_smiling-father-and-son-using-laptop - cropped-sm

Family & Friend Money

Regardless of whether you’re investing your own money or that of friends or family, this tool is invaluable for finding the safest and most profitable deals out there.

11402050_young-smiling-couple-signing-contract - cropped-sm

Rental Managers

If you run a rental management company and you advise clients on deals they are thinking about doing, the Mistake Eliminator allows you to give them insights they can get no where else.

10019014_mature-couple-sitting-on-sofa-with-financial-advisor - cropped-sm

Financial Advisors

Most financial advisor don't have the tools to help clients understand alternative investments.  You’ll be able to help your clients who are getting into real estate investing by providing detailed analysis.

10038242_large-group-of-green-model-houses - cropped-sm

Novice or Pro?

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out looking for your first deal or you’re on you 10th, 100th or 1000th deal, the Mistake Eliminator can help you by giving you the insights in to ROI & Cash Flow you get nowhere else.


Do NOT Buy the Mistake Eliminator if You Fall into One of these Categories!

543617_man-in-casino-playing-roulette - cropped-sm


Is consistently growing wealth something for losers?  If you love rolling the dice and letting your life be controlled by fate or luck, then do NOT buy the Mistake Eliminator. 

4072378_business-man-unicycle-tightrope-over-financial-risk - cropped-sm

Thrill Seeker

If predictable ROI and cash flow are boring because you love living on the edge, risking it all without regard to your family's future, please find your thrills somewhere else.

21146600_smiling-woman-throwing-money-around - cropped-sm

Real Esate Shopaholic

If you love saying "Yes" to every deal you see, not because you know whether it's a good deal (because you don't), but because you just love buying, then please don't buy this.

"Origins of The Mistake Eliminator"

(Or "How I Thwarted Disaster and Owned the Recession")

  • September 2001

    The Mistake Eliminator Begins to Take Shape

    Early in my real estate investing career, I couldn't find anything to help me analyze deals.  So I started creating what would eventually become The Mistake Eliminator.

  • February 2003

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race

    After a ramp-up learning period, I begin to attract more deals and partners to grow my business.  The results of the Mistake Eliminator give us all confidence.

  • March 2005

    Cooking with Gas!

    This early version of the Mistake Eliminator has helped me find and close on an average of 2 properties / month over the past 2 years, a trend that continues through September 2005.

  • October 2005

    Something has Changed

    The Mistake Eliminator starts telling me, “Whoa!  Don’t buy!” on deal after deal after deal.  My partners are anxious, but I tell them,  “The numbers don’t make sense.  We have to wait.”  We end up purchasing only a few select properties over the next year.

  • February 2007

    The Crash!

    The subprime lending house-of-cards collapses.  The real estate market crashes.  House prices are taking a nosedive and Foreclosures are happening everywhere.  My partners finally see the light.

  • June 2008

    Harvest Time!

    We sweep in and start buying foreclosures at rock bottom prices.  More than doubling the portfolio over the next few years.

  • April 2014

    Rehabs and more

    I expand the capabilities of The Mistake Eliminator to handle rehabs and flips, adding a whole new profit center and taking advantage of market shifts.  

  • January 2021

    Time to Share the Secret

    After years of continual testing and refinement The Mistake Eliminator is released to the public

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mistake Eliminator is perfect for you because it does all the math for you.  All you have to do is type in a few numbers – most of which you’ve already been given by your real estate agent – and then you just look at the results. 

You don’t have to worry about numerators or denominators.  You don’t have to worry about trying to create complex amortization tables or trying to learn how to use an even more complex handheld financial calculator.  The Mistake Eliminator does it all for you.

What I'm hearing in this question is that you're worried that this tool will slow you down and get in the way of your deal making.

You don’t have to worry about that.  You can make your deals, but with the caveat that you still have to run the numbers.   

It’s reasonable and everyone knows it. 

So when you’ve actually run the numbers and you get those results from the Mistake Eliminator, you either move ahead with the deal or you get out. 

And you can do that with certainty that you’re making the right choice.  This is really no different than doing an inspection on the property.  If you find something major wrong that you didn’t know about, you’re either going to renegotiate the contract or get out altogether.

No.  The Mistake Eliminator is not a substitute for your own deal flow.  It is there to help you evaluate the deals you already have coming across your desk.

You get deals from your real estate agent, bird dogs, contract flippers and your own advertising.  The Mistake Eliminator helps you ensure that those deals, no matter what the source, meet your investment criteria.

No.  That is the job of your real estate agent, since he or she knows your market the best and can interpret those results for you.

Once you get the comps (whether is current value prices, rehabbed resale prices, or rental rates), you simply enter the information into the Mistake Eliminator and let it tell you what you can expect for ROI, cash flow and profit.

No.  Again, that is the job of your real estate agent, or you can do it yourself, if you have the forms and know how.

The Mistake Eliminator helps you determine your offer price and other terms, such as seller paid closing costs, that go on your offer.

Yes, you can! 

If real estate investing is new to you and the analysis is not something you realized was so integral to success, then it can seem a bit overwhelming at first.

So let me reassure you of two things:

  1. The Mistake Eliminator has full documentation with quick-start videos that will help you get up and going quickly.
  2. I'm giving you a growing library of video walk-throughs that will help you learn the ins-and-outs of the tool

I completely understand the self-doubt you're feeling right now.  The worry that you'll fail.  I’ve had my failures, too.  And it’s really painful.  Once you’ve experienced it, you never want to go through that again.

When I first got started in real estate investing,  I had a lot of uncertainty and unanswered questions. But I chose to dive in and learn. And when I did,  the world opened up for me.  

All of these things that were hard became easy because I put in the effort.  I would never have achieved the success that I did unless I moved past the doubts and the uncertainty and the fear of failure.

My decision to push forward into real estate investing and learn how to evaluate deals properly changed my life forever. 

And it seems to me that you are facing a similar decision right now.

So let me ask you:  Are you going to let fear and self-doubt cheat you out of the future you deserve?

Don’t let it.  You can learn this stuff.  You’ll be an expert in no time.  And The Mistake eliminator makes it easier than you can imagine.